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Safe disposal and recycling of pressurised gas bottles and cylinders


Residents are being reminded that pressurised gas bottles and cylinders cannot be disposed of via their general waste verge collections.

The gas bottles and cylinders pose a danger if they are compacted and may expose City workers – and the general public – to possible chemical and physical hazards.

Hazardous items such as pressurised gas bottles and cylinders must also never be placed in your bins, but they can be dropped off for safe waste management and recycling at the Millar Road Landfill Facility.  Another option for safe disposal of gas bottles and cylinders may be returning them to the provider.

If you plan to dispose of an item such as a barbecue that has previously contained a gas bottle or cylinder, please ensure the bottle or cylinder has been removed and disposed of separately if required, before placing the item on the verge for collection. Please also ensure the item is accessible for easy and safe inspection by collectors. 

For dates and a list of what to place out on your verge, download the Verge Collection Flyer 2017-2018

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