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Rockingham SmartWatch Launch


At the annual Safety and Family Expo on Saturday 14 November the City of Rockingham, together with the Hon. Tony Simpson, MLA, Minister for Local Government and Community Services, will unveil a brand new Safety Service: Rockingham SmartWatch.

The new Rockingham SmartWatch service will be operational from 1 December and is an evolution of the City’s former Security Service. Rockingham SmartWatch is a high-tech, highly visible vehicle-based safety patrol service which provides more effective surveillance coverage.

Six cars instead of four will patrol local streets seven days a week, covering the times that most anti-social behaviour takes place.

The new cars will feature four high definition cameras with night vision, which will record and retain footage for evidence, as well as live stream serious incidents to a smart device or PC, and the police when needed.
City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels said the new service will have a similar scope of action to the previous Safety Service: “The new Rockingham SmartWatch service brings community safety patrols into alignment with the best available technology for use on vehicles.

“In terms of community based surveillance, research at international, national and state levels indicates the provision of a Community Safety Patrol as a visual surveillance mechanism can increase both perception of safety at a community level and reporting of anti -social behaviour.

“Under the new in-house service all six cars will be on the road continuously during operational hours. Three of the cars will be zone-based, to provide more intense area-specific coverage, and three cars will be available for responding to incidents, carrying out hotspot and foreshore car park patrols, and smoke watch.

“I am pleased the City can offer the community a good value, targeted and contemporary security service through Rockingham SmartWatch.

More Information
Rockingham SmartWatch hours:
Rockingham SmartWatch will have six cars on the road seven days per week, 365 days of the year from 12noon to 4am. This is the period when most anti-social behaviour occurs, and the most effective time to provide a visible reminder that there is a safety service on patrol.

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