Railway Terrace services location September and October 2017


The City of Rockingham’s contractors will be undertaking works to locate services in Railway Terrace in September and October 2017.

These works are essential in preparing for the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation project.

You can expect to see:

  • Small ground penetrating radar units (about the size of a wheelchair) being wheeled up and down Railway Terrace.  These are used to identify where the services are.
  • Painting of service locations on the pavement throughout Railway Terrace.
  • Excavation of small holes to identify the exact location and depth of each service.  The process generally involves the vacuum excavation of a 100mm hole by specialist equipment.  There will be some noise associated with each vacuum usage.
  • Backfilling and reinstatement of the holes.
  • Traffic and pedestrian management as and when required for the safety of the workers, pedestrians and drivers.

The contractors undertaking these works are experienced in working in a commercial environment and will ensure that restricting access to businesses is minimised wherever possible, and noise kept to a minimum.

If you require further information, please contact the City Senior Project Officer, Michael Wilson, michael.wilson@rockingham.wa.gov.au or 08 9528 0333.

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