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Pool Safety Latch Recall


Please check your pool latch.

SafeTech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd is working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to ensure consumer safety is the priority with the product recall of the striker component of its lockable pool gate latches.

List of products recalled:

  • SafeTech Top Pull Gate Latch (key lockable)
  • G8Safe Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (key lockable)
  • SafeTech TriLatch (key lockable)
  • G8Safe TriLatch (key lockable)
  • G8Safe TriLatch (key lockable)

These products are also available for purchase as part of the following kits:

  • SafeTech Trade Packs (key lockable)
  • G8Safe Megapack (key lockable)

Affected consumers should register their details by phoning 1300 034 096 or visiting the SafeTech Hardware website. The replacement product will come with "How to Change Your Striker" instructions, which are also available on the SafeTech Hardware website. Further details on this recall can be found on the ACCC website.

photo of pool latch recalled


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