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PhotoVoice Winners 2015


This year there were 27 winners announced across thirteen different categories in the Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice amateur photography and film exhibition and competition.

First second and third place category winners were acknowledged last night at a special awards ceremony at the Gary Holland Centre, Rockingham.

Now in their seventh year the awards encourage people of all ages to take photographs or create short films of activities and pass-times that that foster, support, or maintain mental health.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels said PhotoVoice continues to be one of the City’s biggest mental health promotional events and competitions: “It is certainly a creative take on illustrating how to be mentally healthy, but the bigger picture of this event is that it is a great sharing of information and ideas.

“For every individual who has attended the exhibition, each person who has paused over an image that captured their attention, has potentially taken away with them an idea or a concept that may benefit their own or a loved one’s mental health in the future.”

“By adapting our lifestyles through Acting, Belonging and Committing to groups and activities we can help to maintain our mental health and wellbeing.

“This year the competition attracted 430 images. Judges Caroline Jackson Pierce (Acting Partnerships Manager of Mentally Health WA), Shirley Johnson (President of the Rockingham Photography Club) and Daniel Wilkins (Professional Photographer) selected 102 finalists to be shown in the exhibition.”

“This was the very first year we have introduced the Short Film category into the workshops for local high schools. Short film lends itself to the Act Belong Commit message and five excellent videos were produced by Tranby and South Coast Baptist College.”

“I would like to acknowledge the support of our generous sponsors, who made the competition possible, thank you to: Healthway and the Act-Belong-Commit message, PhotoCoffee, the Rockingham Good Guys and Rockingham Shopping Centre.

“I would like to congratulate all finalists and winners of this year’s PhotoVoice competition and I thank everyone that took the time to submit an entry.”

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2015 PhotoVoice Category Winners

12 years and under, Modified
3rd - Riley Martin-Chambers - How Many Soccer Balls Can You Kick At Once?
2nd – Tom Singline – Loving Life with Man’s Best Friend
1st – Charli Lannary – What’S UP

12 years and under, Non-Modified
3rd – Noah Dugouchet – Photo Record
2nd – Alisha Hussey – En Pointe
1st – Cohen Mclellan – We Are Family

13-17 years, Modified
3rd - Samantha Hanlin - Expressing Beauty
2nd – Zoe Jordan – Lest We Forget
1st – Thomas Schubert – In Pursuit

13-17 years, Non-Modified
3rd – Zoe Jordan – Work Hard, Play Hard
2nd – Shannon Hussey – Journey To The Top
1st – Shannon Hussey – Cartwheels By Sunset

Student Workshop - Abilities
3rd - Riley Jackson - Happy
2nd - James Robinson - Good Dreams
1st – Tina Binandeh – Shadows

Student Workshop, Modified
3rd – Desiree Lozares – Dancing in the Rain
2nd – Kalliope Bensley – Balloon Children
1st – Jess Hartley – Practice Makes Perfect

Student Workshop, Non-Modified
3rd – Emma Beattie – Equality
2nd – Katherine Ackerley – Determination
1st – Justine Van Dyk – Morning Swim

18 years and over, Modified
3rd – Jacquie Duffus – Friends
2nd – Antony Norris – Football Training
1st – Peter Le Scelle – Secret Surf Spot

18 years and over, Non-Modified
3rd – Lynsey McCord – Dance
2nd – Jonathan Gladstone – Mateship
1st – Jacquie Duffus – Me First

Public Choice Award
Akshara Madhu - Painting with Light

Tenneale Jowsey - Jump Into The Action (Adult, Non-Modified)
Josh Benjamins - Reading (Student Workshop, Modified)
Peter Le Scelle - Grandad’s Birthday (Adult, Non-Modified)

Short Film Winner
Team Crystal (South Coast Baptist College) - All for One, One for the Ball
The team wanted to demonstrate how the girls’ football team put the Act, Belong, Commit message into action with their training and teamwork.  They finished their season by winning the Matildas League. 

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