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Parking Pass Now Required at Autumn Centre


Following a review of parking arrangements at the Autumn Centre, Council has approved a range of parking controls, commencing on Monday 5 February.

From that date:
• Parking at the Autumn Centre will be restricted to ‘Authorised Vehicles’.  Members, staff and authorised visitors to the centre will need to display a parking pass on the dashboard identifying their vehicle as an ‘Authorised Vehicle’ to the patrolling Ranger.

• The adjoining road and verge of the Autumn Centre is now restricted: ‘No Parking Road or Verge’

• Ranger Services has been notified and will commence patrols of the Autumn Centre from 5 February.

The Autumn centre staff are responsible for issuing Authorised Vehicle Parking Passes to members and visitors. 

Please call the Autumn Centre on 9528 8560 if you require a pass or need clarification on any of the above.

members receiving their parking pass

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