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The Forgotten Foreshore


Channel Nine news ran a story on Monday night about the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Masterplan titled ‘The Forgotten Foreshore’. The story contained a number of serious inaccuracies which need to be addressed.

The foreshore is not forgotten. It is a bustling, thriving centre of activity enjoyed by residents and visitors year-round.

The foreshore redevelopment is not a $100 million project.  The Master Plan is still being developed so it is too early to be specific about the total cost, but it will be approximately $40 million.

The City does not have 1 in 5 youth unemployment.  The actual number is closer to 1 in 8.3 (about 12% - the national average is 12.2%). 

The City does not have “one of the highest crime rates in the country”.  In fact, the City of Rockingham’s crime rate is lower than many other local government areas. PreviewIn 2013/2014 the Peel Police District, which the City was part of for most of the previous year, had a lower crime rate than most of the other metropolitan policing districts, and a lower rate than both the State and Metropolitan average. Our integrated CCTV system and ongoing community safety programs, together with our close working relationship with local Police, ensure people in the City of Rockingham enjoy a greater level of safety than many other areas are able to provide.

The City does not have “a huge homelessness problem”. There are some homeless people living in Rockingham, as there are in all local government areas. Those people are put in touch with the state and federally funded services and facilities available in Fremantle (because City of Rockingham does not receive any funding for those services). Some homeless people decide to take advantage of those services, some prefer to stay in Rockingham. It is an issue the City manages as sensitively as possible, bearing in mind the impact on the homeless people, and the wider community.Preview

The City of Rockingham contacted Channel Nine (Perth) to discuss the inaccuracies in the story.  Channel Nine’s position was that they stood by their claims. 

“The Rockingham Beach Foreshore Masterplan is an exciting project that will enhance the waterfront precinct in many ways”, said Mayor Barry Sammels “We invite people to look at the plan documents on our website, and make comment about the Masterplan. There are maps, illustrations and explanations of the key features.”  


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