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McDonalds location foreshadowed in early plans


In reference to the Sound Telegraph’s article regarding

the proposed McDonalds Restaurant on Warnbro Sound Avenue,  City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels said the proposed drive-through design shows a wrap-around route around the restaurant: “This type of drive through design seeks to contain customers within the car park of the establishment, which will help to limit the potential for traffic flow issues on Oneida Road.

“Adopted in 2009, the indicative development plan for the Secret Harbour Town Centre designates a fast food restaurant for this location.

“This development forms part of the progressive development of the Secret Harbour Town Centre, which will ultimately be the primary social and commercial focus of the locality and surrounding district.

“The proposal was endorsed at the Metro South West JDAP meeting, held on Thursday 7 May not next Monday 8 June as stated.”

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