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New Roadwise Crash Trailer Launched


Drivers in the City of Rockingham are set to be confronted at high volume intersections with the chilling reality of the sometimes irreversible effects of unsafe driving.

The new Roadwise Crash Trailer was launchedLaunch of the Roadwise Crash Tralier outside the City of Rockingham Building by Mayor,Barry Sammels at the City’s Administration building today: “Road safety and increasing the awareness of safe driving behaviour is a serious matter and the City is fortunate to have a new tool in the push ‘Towards Zero’ vehicle crash fatalities.

The mobile display features a vehicle wreck affixed to a trailer emblazoned with the words ‘Slow down, save lives.’ The trailer will be used by the City’s Roadwise Committee to raise awareness at community events as well as being placed at different road locations around Rockingham and surrounds as an unmissable visual reminder to drivers of the potentially fatal results of careless driving.

Mayor Sammels said if the display changed just one driver’s dangerous behaviour it would be worth it: “If this reminder strikes a chord with just one speeding or texting driver then I will be satisfied.”
The trailer was made possible with $7,700 in support from the state’s Road Safety Community Grants Program via the Road Safety Commission.

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