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New Look Rangers!


The City of Rockingham Ranger Services Team has a fresh new approach. The department comprising 14 Rangers, now has a restyled set of new uniforms, which align with the City’s corporate brand and are more suited to our weather conditions and the requirements of the job.

Rangers are a constant, visible presence around the City. They support the enforcement of local laws relating to dogs, cats and our beautiful beaches and reserves.

They also play an important role in addressing breaches of the local laws, which can occur with abandoned, off-road or illegally parked vehicles.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels, said the department had undergone a complete overhaul: “Following the restructure that was cemented earlier this year, Ranger Services are now employing a more high profile, pro-active and streamlined approach under the new Compliance and Emergency Liaison Team.

“The City Local Laws are very important to the safety and well-being of our community and Rangers play a major role in ensuring appropriate compliance and in prosecuting breaches”.
“Keep an eye out for our new look Ranger Services Team.”

Stuart Kenny, Coordinator,  Ranger Services, said upholding the City’s local laws is a Ranger’s bread and butter and the job is never dull: “You never know what type of incident we might be called out on or the opportunities we get to make a difference in the community” 

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