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New Deputy Mayor


At the Special Council Meeting held on 19 October 2015 the City of Rockingham’s new and re-elected Councillors were sworn in.

One of the Councillors’ first duties was to vote for the leadership positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  Incumbent Mayor Barry Sammels (Rockingham Ward) was returned to office, and Councillor Deb Hamblin (Safety Bay Ward) was voted Deputy Mayor for the second time, first serving in the role between 2011 and 2013.

Representatives on Council’s Occasional and Advisory Committees were also chosen at the Special Council Meeting.

The new Council is gender balanced, with five men and five women now representing the City of Rockingham community. In keeping with the trend throughout the State in this year’s local government elections, the average age of the current Councillors is younger than it was previously. 

Approximately 17,000 people (24% of eligible voters) throughout the City cast a vote during the election period.

The new Council comprises the following members:
• Baldivis Ward – Cr Lee Downham
• Baldivis Ward – Cr Matthew Whitfield
• Comet Bay Ward – Cr Chris Elliott
• Comet Bay Ward – Cr Justin Smith
• Rockingham Ward – Cr Barry Sammels (Mayor)
• Rockingham Ward – Cr Joy Stewart
• Rockingham Ward – Cr Kelly McManus
• Safety Bay Ward – Cr Deb Hamblin (Deputy Mayor)
• Safety Bay Ward – Cr Katherine Summers
• Safety Bay Ward – Cr Leigh Liley

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