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Mobile CCTV Unit in Point Peron


The City of Rockingham has partnered with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) to place the City of Rockingham’s portable mobile CCTV temporarily at Point Peron from 28 October.

The positioning of the camera is in response to community concern in relation to incidents at Point Peron.
Mayor Barry Sammels said the mobile unit had the capacity to live stream directly to the Rockingham Police Station.
 image of the mobile CCTV camera
“This capability has been very useful to police,” Mayor Sammels said. “Point Peron has been identified as a high theft area, so it is anticipated that the CCTV unit may assist police.”
The mobile unit, which is on a four tonne plinth and stands about six metres high, will be moved around to hotspots identified in partnership with local police. DPAW will contribute towards the cost of relocating the unit to Point Peron.
“CCTV does not stop crime from occurring however it does aid in crime prevention, improves community perception and feelings of safety, and can assist police with enquiries,” Mayor Sammels said.
Caption: Rockingham Police Station Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Brett Reyne, City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels and Department of Parks and Wildlife Senior Ranger Lyal Woods inspect the mobile CCTV camera at Point Peron.

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