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Low Flying Helicopter Over Keralup


In the second half of January the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation will be conducting airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys within the Shires of Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, and a small portion of the City of Rockingham in the Keralup district.

The survey, which will help create a better understanding of the regional groundwater system, will be completed using a helicopter that carries a large frame suspended beneath it. The frame emits a weak electromagnetic signal to measure changes in ground conductivity which gives an indication of the groundwater salinity. The frame will hang below the helicopter, and will be 30-40 metres above the ground.

The electrical signal generated by the frame is very low level, and is not harmful to humans or animals.

The helicopter will not fly over any buildings and will maintain a safe distance of at least 120 metres from any buildings in the area.  

For more information please view the flyer or contact the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s project manager on 0423 624 538.


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