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Local Government Elections 2015 - Make Your Vote Count


Voting packs have been mailed to eligible voters for this year’s Local Government Elections. Voting is by postal vote and voting packages must be mailed by Thursday 15 October 2015 or hand delivered to the City’s Administration building on Council Avenue during office hours or between 8am and 6pm Saturday 17 October.

The City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels, has been a Councilor for 18 years and Mayor for 12 of those: “I have never seen as many candidates as we have this year; a total of 22 candidates is a record. It is great to see a diversity of nominees keen to represent the interests of the community.

“I encourage all eligible voters to read up on this year’s candidates and to get behind their local representative by ensuring that their postal vote is submitted for this year’s elections.

“As of 8 October 2015, according the WA Electoral Commission, we have received 3826 votes for Rockingham Ward which is 18.95% of the total packages sent out, 2914 votes for Comet Bay Ward, which is 18.21% of the total packages sent out, 1872 votes for Baldivis Ward which is 13.63% of the total packages sent out and 3960 votes for Safety Bay Ward, which is 20.05% of the total packages sent out.”

The public are welcome to attend the vote count, which will be conducted in the Reception Room at City’s Main Administration building, from 6pm. When all votes have been counted, the successful candidates will be announced.

There will be a Special Council Meeting held on Monday 19 October 2015 to swear in the new Councillors and elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The City of Rockingham Ordinary Local Government elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October. Five of the 10 elected member positions become vacant at each ordinary election with nominations being called for an ensuing four-year term.

Changes were made to Councillor and Ward representation for the 2013 Local Government Elections to create two Councillor positions for Baldivis Ward, two Councillor positions for Comet Bay Ward, three Councillor positions for Rockingham Ward and three Councillor positions for Safety Bay Ward.

The voting system used in the Local Government Elections is ‘first past the post’ in which electors indicate the candidate, or candidates, of their choice by placing a tick in the box opposite the names of the chosen persons, up to the number of vacancies to be filled, with candidates being elected in order of the number of votes they receive.

Results will be available on the WA Electoral Commission website from late Saturday night and they will be published in the West Australian Newspaper as soon as practicable.

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