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Illegal Dumping and Filling in Baldivis


The City is currently investigating several landowners in Baldivis who have filled their land without obtaining prior Development Approval from the City.

In some cases the filling has included illegally dumped waste materials such as bricks, rubble, concrete, timber and unsuitable landfill material that can have a negative effect on the environment.

Baldivis is situated in the lower Serpentine hydrological region which is drained by a number of water courses including the Serpentine River, the Peel Main Drain and Water Corporation drains. Land within the catchment is susceptible to flooding during winter months. Raising land levels to create more useable area can displace water onto neighbouring land and into drainage systems that may not be able to support the increased amount. 

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels, said it was important that landowners obtained Development Approval from the City before starting any landfilling.

“Over the next month, the City will be writing to Baldivis landowners east of the Kwinana Freeway asking them to ensure they have the proper approval before dumping any waste material, which must be clean fill and have no harmful effects on the environment” Mayor Sammels said.

“A landowner who unlawfully dumps waste, or commences landfilling without obtaining prior Development Approval from the City, is failing to comply with the City’s Town Planning Scheme No.2, and could be committing an offence under the Planning and Development Act 2005. We urge landowners to contact the City to discuss their situation. If they have already filled land, they will be instructed to apply for retrospective Development Approval.

“The City will continue to investigate complaints regarding illegal dumping of waste and fill material in Baldivis and take appropriate action where required.”      

The City of Rockingham can be contacted on 9528 0333.

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