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Funding Call For Libraries


With four public libraries serving the local community the City of Rockingham supports Public Libraries WA’s call for the new state government to provide $8 million to help people learn about new technologies and develop skills needed for jobs and study in the future.

For just $3 per head from the state government  – matching local government funding dollar-for-dollar – WA’s 235 libraries could provide a huge range of services, from coding and robotic classes, 3D printers and music programs through to simple device charging available right across WA.  It is an opportunity for a partnership between State and local government to bring WA library technology programs up to the same standard enjoyed by communities in the Eastern states.

“The City of Rockingham is very supportive of PLWA’s vision of an expanded range of services for our libraries”, said Mayor Barry Sammels “because we know the value to the community of our ever-popular public libraries is indisputable. 

The City is also encouraging the state government to ensure that funding for core library services is maintained. 

“State funding for the inter-library loan service was suspended in the middle of last year and since then our libraries’ ability to provide books from outside their collections has been significantly impacted”, said Mayor Sammels.

The City currently fully funds its own limited service which courier’s items to a single branch for collection twice a week, as opposed to the previous daily collection at all four libraries.

Facts about WA public libraries

• 235 public libraries
• More than 15.5 million items loaned each year
• Nearly 0.5 million eResources downloaded
• More than 10.5 million visits
• Nearly 10,000 storytimes, with more than 175,000 participants 

Books at  Mary Davies Library


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