Feral Animal Control


The City undertakes bi-annual management of feral animals in select reserves and foreshore areas.

Management focuses on foxes, feral cats and rabbits. The next control program is scheduled for spring 2017 with notification of actual dates of control provided closer to the time.

These animals cause a range of environmental damage including:

  • Predation on native species
  • Competition for resources
  • Spread of disease
  • Destruction of habitat (e.g. rabbit holes).

If left unchecked feral animals can quickly decimate endemic fauna included such animals as quenda’s, bandicoots, lizards and the numerous local bird species.

The below areas will be specifically targeted during the spring control period:

  • Lake Richmond
  • Lewington Reserve
  • Dixon Road Conservation Precinct
  • Warnbro and Port Kennedy Foreshore
  • Woodleigh Grove Wetland
  • Tamworth Hill Swamp
  • Lark Hill Environmental Reserve
  • Karnup Nature Reserve
  • Secret Harbour Foreshore
  • Golden Bay Foreshore
  • Singleton Foreshore
  • Sawley Close
  • Trenant Park Wetland.

The program targets City-managed land. However, officers may be able to provide recommendations to landowners on how to proceed on private land.

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