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Coastal councils call for national approach


The City of Rockingham has joined the Australian Coastal Councils Association (ACCA) in calling on the Australian Government to play a lead role in developing a coordinated national approach to deal more effectively with the unique hazards facing coastal councils and their communities.

Representatives of Australian coastal councils, including Chair of the ACCA and City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels, attended the Australian Coastal Councils Conference in Brisbane from 3-5 May where coastal hazards such as more frequent and severe extreme weather events, widespread coastal erosion, and the growing pressures of climate change were on the agenda.
Mayor Sammels said as a large coastal city with more than 135,000 residents, the City of Rockingham needed to act now to address coastal hazards so it could preserve its stunning coastline and residents’ way of life for the future.
He said coastal councils throughout Australia were beginning to see the pressures of climate change and these were expected to grow substantially in the coming decades, so a coordinated national approach was needed.
“Currently, the task of dealing with coastal hazards along Australia’s vast coastline is left predominantly to coastal councils,” Mayor Sammels said.
“This enormous task is beyond the capacity of local councils and the states and territories. The scale of the challenge requires a national approach, national leadership and national funding. We therefore call on the Australian Government to play a lead role in addressing these challenges in consultation with local government authorities, which are knowledgeable about these matters and closely connected to their communities.”

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