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Clean Up After Celebrations


The City’s beaches are a favourite for the Australia Day weekend celebrations. To make sure that everyone enjoys their visit, the City is reminding people to please utilise the bins provided and clean up afterwards.

To reduce the amount of waste produced during Australia Day celebrations, simply avoid disposables items. Use reusable items where possible. For example:

  1. Bring a picnic from home packed in reusable containers and bottles.
  2. Don’t forget to pack reusable cutlery, plates and cups.
  3. If food or drink is purchased from vendors, look for recyclable materials and say no thank you to plastic bags and straws.
  4. Use the recycling bins and waste bins provided on the Rockingham foreshore, or take waste home.

Being more conscious about what is thrown away means less litter, less waste to landfill and a more enjoyable time for all.

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