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City Wins Grant For $10 million Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation


The City of Rockingham has been awarded a $5 million grant from the National Stronger Regions Fund to put towards the $10million first stage of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation Project.

On 28 July 2015, Council adopted the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan to guide the evolution of the key public spaces at Rockingham Beach.

It was conceived out of a desire to improve the economic and social conditions within the local area and the broader region it serves.Rockingham Beach Road and Railway Terrace

The Master Plan identified a number of improvements to the foreshore that will deliver an enhanced recreational experience and be the catalyst for economic growth.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said he was delighted with the result and was looking forward to the project commencing in 2016. “It was a very strong application from our Planning team, based on considerable community consultation, so we were optimistic that we would receive Federal funding” he said.  “The City has allocated $5million in the business plan to match this grant funding, so we will now proceed with the detailed design of the project prior to entering the procurement and delivery phase.”Rockingham Beach Plaza

“This project is a cornerstone of our comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and should be a significant attractor for investment in a major hotel along Rockingham Beach Road.”

The $10 million Stage One of the Master Plan will transform Railway Terrace from a car dominated space into a distinctive, pedestrian focused, community destination featuring significant tree planting, street furniture and widened footpaths. The Boardwalk area will be extend to accommodate more alfresco dining, and create better connection east and west to ensure a more integrated foreshore environment. A central element of the Rockingham Beach arrival experience will be the ‘Beach Plaza’, which will provide an uninterrupted connection to the beach, and accommodate regular festive activities and small scale performances. The existing car park at the end of Wanliss Street will be duplicated to create about 80 additional parking bays.Rockingham Beach Road and Railway Terrace

The complete Rockingham Beach Revitalisation project envisioned by the master plan will comprise a number of future stages at a cost of approximately $40million.

Additional information:
All projects which received funding under Round Two of the National Stronger Regions Fund are available on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website at

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