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City Disappointed With Comments From Developer


The City of Rockingham is disappointed with recent comments made by Cedar Woods State Manager Ben Rosser that “The developers, alongside the City of Rockingham, would provide the financial security to guarantee (the marina is built).”

The statement is patently incorrect and City CEO Andrew Hammond has sought an explanation from Mr Rosser as to why this statement was made.  The City has not, and will not, provide security for the construction of the marina.

City planning officers are currently investigating the “staging options” being suggested by the joint venture partners, however concerns remain as to the timing and risks associated with the construction of the marina.  Councillors are yet to be briefed on the matter and will only give consideration to any staging proposal after detailed analysis and risk assessment is undertaken, and legal advice is sought by City officers.

Other than submissions to a Metropolitan Scheme Amendment and very general conceptual support for a tourist based marina precinct to be built on the site, Council has not made any decisions on the project.

City officers are still assembling and assessing supporting documentation from the joint venture partners prior to commencing consideration of the structure plan.

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