City Awaits WAPC Decision on Mangles Bay Marina Project


Representatives of the City of Rockingham made a deputation to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) last week, regarding the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment, which proposes to rezone the Mangles Bay Marina Project area to ‘Urban’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels said: “We hope that the City’s deputation will be considered by the WAPC before it makes a recommendation to the Minister for Planning on the amendment.

“The basis of the City’s deputation included a couple of matters we would like to see resolved, including the width of the foreshore reserve in relation to the WAPCs Coastal Planning Policy.

“According to our assessment some additional foreshore reserve will be needed to accommodate rising sea levels and coastal processes and for social and recreational purposes.

“There are still some questions over proposed costs and income forecasts associated with the function of waterways manager, a role which the City has been asked to undertake.

“Our position is that Council would need a full and accurate report detailing the cost and income forecasts before we could adopt a formal position on this. These financial forecasts are influenced by a number of factors including the ultimate width of the foreshore reserve.

“As such the City has requested that final approval of the amendment is not granted at this time, pending the resolution of the remaining outstanding issues.

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