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Changes to 2015/2016 Barcode Tip Passes


In 2013/2014 only 15% of the available tip passes were redeemed. The state government has also increased the Landfill Levy from $28 to $55 per tonne which can potentially increase the Waste Service fee on the Rates. To minimise this increase and encourage recycling some changes to the tip pass system were required.

The following changes have been made to 2015/2016 tip passes:

  • One barcode located on the purple detachable section of the rates notice
  • Represents four ‘multi-purpose’ passes
  • Each pass has increased to one and a half cubic metres
  • Can conveniently be used for general waste or green waste

Less than 7% of households used four or more tip passes in the last financial year, with only 1% using their whole allocation. Therefore the number of households across the City that will notice a difference is very small.

Residents are reminded to use the 2014/2015 barcoded tip passes by expiry on 31 July. They are located on the green detachable section of the 2014/2015 rates notice.

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