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Budget 2016/2017 Adopted


At its Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 28 June, the City of Rockingham Council adopted the 2016/2017 Budget nine votes to one.

This year’s budget included a residential rates increase of 4%, and has been based on careful long term financial planning detailed in the Business Plan 2016/2017-2025/2026, adopted in April.

The average residential rate in the 2016/2017 financial year will be $1,236 which means that rates applied in the City of Rockingham are similar to, or lower than, other similar sized local governments. For residential properties the rate increase will equate to about an additional $0.80 cents per week.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels said: “Council is pleased to offer a comparatively lower rates increase this year than in previous years.

“This is largely because of sound financial planning and debt management of the last six years, while maximising opportunities for external funding and successfully adapting to ensuring revenue generated by the landfill facility is not used to subsidise rates.

“Each year the Budget maintains a careful balance between maintaining existing assets, such as roads parks and buildings, and creating new facilities and infrastructure to support our growing community.

“We currently have about 130,000 residents and we expect another 30 000 or so to reside here by 2021, and growth is a very real consideration for Council. Even though growth increases revenue, there are associated costs of maintaining new infrastructure and the City actively seeks out other funding sources to deliver results.

“In 2016/2017 construction highlights will include the completion of the Rhonda Scarrott Clubrooms ($4.2 million) Laurie Stanford Reserve redevelopment ($4.3 million), Eighty Road, Baldivis Clubrooms and Playing Fields ($4.1 million), and the commencement of the Rockingham Foreshore redevelopment ($10.6 million).”

This year’s total capital expenditure is budgeted to be $91.91 million and rate revenue is anticipated to be $79.8 million.

Operating revenue is expected to be $168.56 million. Total operating expenditure is expected to be $194.75 million.

City of Rockingham Budget 2016/2017
City of Rockingham Business Plan 2016/2017-2025/2026
Budget Chronicle 2016/2017

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