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Black Hawk helicopters over Perth and WA’s South West Region


Australian Army and United States military Black Hawk helicopters and personnel are taking to the skies over Perth and the South-West region of Western Australia from late-April to mid-June to practice operations against simulated terrorist targets.

The Black Hawks and soldiers are taking part in scheduled counter-terrorism exercises using civilian locations in the greater Perth metropolitan area and South-West region.
The Department of Defence has advised that the public should not be alarmed if they see low-flying helicopters, vehicles and military personnel or hear the associated noise of the helicopters, blank gunfire and pyrotechnics. 
The training uses commercial buildings and transport hubs  - locations chosen for their training value and the added realism that comes from training in these areas.

People who see the training should not be concerned that any of the locations are under any form of actual threat. The Department says the training helps ensure Australia and our US allies remain among the best counter-terrorism response capabilities in the world.

The Department is unable to provide media access or further information, including specific timings, regarding this training in order to protect operational tactics, techniques and procedures.
Anyone with concerns should email:

Black Hawk flying over City

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