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Bin Tagging Program - great results so far


Six hundred houses have been visited over the last two weeks, marking the halfway point in this round of the Bin Tagging Program.

So far the results have been very good.

A couple of common issues found during the inspections are:

Recycling Bin

  • Bagging recyclables – recyclables should be placed into the recycling bin loosely so that they can be sorted at the Material Recovery Facility. Bags are not opened due to health and safety.
  • Textiles – items like towels, clothing, cushions and shoes cannot be recycled through the recycling bin because they get caught up in machinery at the Material Recovery Plant. Instead they can be recycled through a charity bin, or rags can be disposed of in the waste bin (red lid).

Green Waste Bin

  • Food waste – egg shells or other food waste like fruit should be placed into the waste bin (red lid). The processing of green waste and food waste is different, so food waste contaminates the recycling of the green waste.
  • Plastic – some bins were found with one chocolate or snack wrapper placed inside. Plastics, including plastic bags and plant tags should be placed into the recycling or waste bins.

Residents who received a smiley face on both bins, went into a draw to win a $50 voucher. A winner was selected at random from each area, each visit. So far eight prizes have been drawn. There are still more opportunities to win, with two more visits due in each area. Residents can view this video for great tips on how to use their bins correctly and increase their chances of winning a prize.

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