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Bin Tagging Program Final Prize Drawn


Final Prize Draw marks the end of the Bin Tagging Program for 2015/2016

Over the program, both the waste and the recycling bins were inspected four times. The first inspection was in March to collect baseline data, followed by two fortnightly ‘feedback’ inspections whereby properties received a smiley or sad faced tag on their bins. In the last feedback inspection, properties which continued to contaminate their recycling bin had their bin lids taped shut. It would be collected on the next recycling collection once the problem is rectified. There were only a handful of houses in each area that had their lids taped shut indicating that a majority of people correctly use their recycling bins.


Properties that used their recycle bin correctly two collections in a row went into the draw to win a $50 voucher. There was two draws with five vouchers in each, resulting in ten households received a $50 voucher.


Properties which received smiley faces on both bins two fortnights in a row went into the Major Prize draw to win a $250 voucher. The randomly selected winner is located in:


Bounty Crt, Port Kennedy


Data collected from the inspections will be presented in the June Bulletin to Council. Overall recycling improved by 47% over the program.


Congratulations to all of the lucky winners and thank you to all of the households in Rockingham, Baldivis and Port Kennedy who participated in the Bin Tagging Program.

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