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Assistance With Wildlife


The City of Rockingham’s Rangers have recently been providing increased levels of assistance to injured and misplaced wildlife across the City.

Although the Rangers do their best to help, especially with animals in distress, they are not trained nor qualified in the specialised area of wildlife rescue, so residents are asked to seek assistance from experts who have the skills and equipment to respond quickly, safely and most effectively.

“Our Rangers will do their best to assist with any wildlife issues if animals are causing immediate problems or posing a safety risk,” Mayor Barry Sammels said.  “However, we urge residents to call appropriate agencies who are qualified and able to assist when it comes to wildlife.”

There are a variety of agencies and individuals who can help with distressed and injured animals:
• seabirds entangled in fishing nets and lines, or injured, should be reported to Western Australian Seabird Rescue on 0418 952 683.
• snake removal from a private property can be arranged by contacting an experienced reptile handler. Several are listed on the City’s website.
• residents can take injured wildlife to a vet if the animal is safe to handle. Baldivis vet is well equipped to provide initial treatment to wildlife and is open 24 hours a day. The vet can be reached on 9524 1466.
• dead kangaroos can be removed by the City by phoning 9528 0333.
• residents requiring assistance or advice on wildlife should contact Wildcare on 9474 9055.

Residents are also urged to look out for roadside signs indicating prolific wildlife, and to drive with caution in those areas, especially at night when many animals are more likely to be out and about. Nocturnal animals such as kangaroos, wallabies and possums tend to be most active around dusk, throughout the night, at dawn, and after rain.

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