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Aquatic Centre Prepares for Season Opening


The Rockingham Aquatic Centre is gearing up for its season opening next week on Monday 19 September 2016.

Emergency services personnel attend to a chlorine leak drill at the Aquatic Centre.Before it opens its doors for another busy season, Aquatic Centre staff joined forces with local emergency services on Wednesday 14 September to confirm its safety standards are at the highest possible standard.

The centre held a chlorine emergency evacuation exercise which involved three fire and rescue crews, St John Ambulance, police and a specialist dangerous chemical response team from Ixom. The scenario involved testing the groups’ response in the unlikely event of a chlorine gas leak in the pump room at the swimming pool.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the exercise gave City staff and local emergency services a valuable opportunity to put their procedures and systems to the test in a real-life scenario.

“It is a requirement that all aquatic centres that use chlorine gas run an evacuation exercise at least once a year. To hold one of this scale has taken a lot of planning, which all paid off on the day,” Mayor Sammels said.

“While it is highly unlikely a leak of this nature would ever occur, we needed to come up with a scenario that would thoroughly test our systems. It was excellent to see the community working together and then debrief afterwards, which provided an important insight into ways to improve emergency response management across the City.” Emergency services personnel attend to a chlorine leak drill at the Aquatic Centre.

The Rockingham Aquatic Centre seasons runs from 19 September to April 2017. Visit the City’s website for details on the range of activities available at the centre, including aquarobics, lap swimming, swimming lessons, squad training and water polo.

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