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2016 PhotoVoice Winners


The winners of the eighth annual Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Rockingham were announced at an awards night on Wednesday 12 October 2016.

PhotoVoice encourages local Rockingham community members to take photos based on the theme Act-Belong-Commit that show what they enjoy doing to keep mentally healthy.
103 finalists were selected from the 380 entries and were displayed in a three-week exhibition at the Gary Holland Community Centre from Wednesday 21 September 2016.1st Place (Student Workshop, Non-Modified) Calais Gunton (South Coast Baptist College) – Act-Belong-Commit in the Sand
Twenty-seven amateur photographers were acknowledged as winners across 13 different categories. This was the second year the competition also included a short film category for high school students.
Mayor Barry Sammels said the judges had a tough decision with such a high quality of images and films entered, which can all be viewed on the City’s website.
“The standard of photography just gets better every year and it was wonderful to see such a wide range of ideas used to depict the theme of Act Belong Commit,” Mayor Sammels said.
“Congratulations to all of the winners. By sharing their personal approach to mental health they have contributed to the essential community-wide conversation about how important it is for everyone to stay mentally healthy.”

2016 PhotoVoice Category Winners

Visit the PhotoVoice Gallery to see the images.

12 years and under, Modified

1st – Wills Hart – Monkey Mia Dolphin
2nd – Nicola Dunkham – Ladder
3rd - Mia Powell - Leschenault Inlet Old Jetty

12 years and under, Non-Modified

1st – Noah Dugouchet – Many Hands Make Light Work
2nd – Riahna Savin – Many Steps Make Light Work
3rd – Bradyn Janssen – Eye Through the Rock at My Brother

13-17 years, Modified

1st – Thomas Schubert – Into the Woods
2nd – Thomas Schubert – Another Star in the Sky
3rd - Jacob Lyle - Contemplation

13-17 years, Non-Modified

1st – Jacob Lyle – It’s Ok
2nd – Hannah Ireland – Fun in the Sun
3rd – Hannah Ireland – I Can See You

Student Workshop - Abilities

1st – Brett Harris – Ready to go for my First Snorkel in the Ocean
2nd - Trent Page - 1940’s Batman
3rd - Pare Tuhaka - Sue and the Pool

Student Workshop, Modified

1st – Calais Gunton (South Coast Baptist College) – Football Club WA
2nd – Jonathon Blackmore (Rockingham Senior High School) – Lonely Boy
3rd – Janikah Turner (South Coast Baptist College) – Dancing Balls

Student Workshop, Non-Modified

1st – Calais Gunton (South Coast Baptist College) – Act-Belong-Commit in the Sand
2nd – Laura Mostyn (South Coast Baptist College) – There's Nothing like a Day on the Beach
3rd – Janikah Turner (South Coast Baptist College) – Friends

18 years and over, Modified

1st – Barry Lunn – A Helping Hand
2nd – Melissa Hunter – Free Spirits
3rd – Jacquie Duffus – Play Date

18 years and over, Non-Modified

1st – Peter Le Scelle – Committed by Nature
2nd – Steph Moses – Outdoors Inner Child
3rd – Paris Mitchell – Learning To Swim


Amanda Lucks - Rain, Sun or Shell (Adult, Modified)


Bodhi Jeffery - Hiking With Dad (Student Workshop, Modified)


Tara Johnston - Family Isn’t Always Blood (Student Workshop, Modified)

Short Film Winner

TAGE Production (Safety Bay Senior High School) - What Does Act-Belong-Commit Mean?

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