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About Us

LitterBusters is a rapid response team whose primary function is to raise current levels of community amenity by providing the following services:

  • Rapid response litter removal (seven day operation)
  • Pavement steam cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Removal of illegal dumping.

The LitterBusters strive to enhance the cleanliness and general appearance of the City and develop a stronger sense of pride in the community. The LitterBusters want to raise awareness about the impact that litter has on the environment, and engage the community to be proactive and report offenders.

The team will operate seven days a week in a range of shifts to allow  them to maintain high-use areas, responding to litter requests within 24 hours, where possible.

The LitterBusters key goals will be to provide the community with a timely response to their requests, reduce the impact of litter on our environment, monitor illegal dumping and litter hot spots, as well as generally maintaining paths, boardwalks and other areas.

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Contact Us

For further information or help with the mobile app please call 1800 4 Litter (1800 454 883).


Frequently Asked Questions

When do the LitterBusters Operate?

The LitterBusters operate seven days a week in normal working hours, usually 8am until 4pm. During the busy summer months they may work extra hours to keep our City beautiful.

What is LitterBusters responsible for?

The LitterBusters team is primarily responsible for removing any form of litter that is reported.

The LitterBusters also have general work duties that involve amenity improvement, planting and pressure cleaning.

What is LitterBusters not responsible for?

Any report or phone call that does not relate to litter will not be responded to by the LitterBusters team. This includes vandalism or structural damage to City property.

What is the response time?

The LitterBusters aim to respond within 24 hours for the majority of litter types reported.

Will it cost anything to use this service?

No, the LitterBusters is a service provided by the City of Rockingham to improve amenity in the City.

How do I contact the LitterBusters?

You can download and file a report on our mobile app to make it quick and easy to report litter and graffiti. To call us simply use the call us button in the app or dial 1800 454 883. You can also make an online LitterBusters report from your computer or web browser.

Who do I contact about graffiti?

You can report graffiti vandalism on City property using the LitterBusters app, by calling the City on 9528 0333 or completing a graffiti removal request.

Graffiti vandalism on private property should be reported to the State Graffiti Hotline on 1800 442 255.

When is the next general/green waste verge collection in my area?

There are two green waste collections and one general waste collection per financial year. To find out the date of your next collection, search your address in Near Me, contact Customer Services on 9528 0333 or email

What if my enquiry isn't about litter?

Please contact the City of Rockingham's Customer Service team on 9528 0333 or email