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Top reasons to visit Rockingham

As a major urban centre of the southern metropolitan area, Rockingham affords the best of both worlds. Modern and efficient infrastructure and services combine with some of the most magnificent aquatic and marine-based natural experiences found along the Western Australian coastline.

The Rockingham coastline

The City of Rockingham is a popular destination offering a wide range of visitor experiences and activities. Whether it be a visit to the penguin viewing facility, a dive off one of the many neighbouring islands, sailing a yacht within the protected bays, recreational boat and jetty fishing, enjoying the vast stretches of white sandy beaches, taking a leisurely heritage trail, or swimming amongst the wild dolphins that inhabit the local bays - Rockingham promises a memorable and unique experience for every visitor.

Rockingham enjoys the reputation as a popular summertime holiday destination. Its natural water-based resources make it an ideal place to visit. It’s unique northern-facing Palm Beach and Rockingham beaches provide sheltered swimming and aquatic recreation places most of the year.

Likewise, the southern-facing Safety Bay area offers some of the best sailing and windsurfing opportunities in the state. Visitors should contact the Rockingham Visitor Centre for all information regarding the best time of year to visit for respective activities, events and all accommodation needs.

We invite you to come and experience the multitude of Rockingham’s recreational and leisure activities.

Rockingham beach