What is a Learning City?

A Learning City is a city that recognises the social, economic and environmental benefits of lifelong learning. It provides opportunities for community and learning institutions to collaborate, innovate and create actions to overcome obstacles to learning.

The City has committed to furthering the community’s aspiration of a vibrant community, enjoying access to a wide range of educational, cultural and artistic activities and a wide range of other social opportunities. This commitment is partly guided by actions contained within the City of Rockingham’s Learning City Strategy 2013-2016. 

The Learning City Strategy highlights that learning is lifelong and is acquired through both formal and informal learning opportunities. Lifelong learning begins at home with parents being a child’s first teachers, progressing further into formal education (primary and secondary schools), transitioning further into employment and other adult learning opportunities (university and/or trade).  Learning even extends into retirement and the senior years, where it is generally driven by our interests.