Community Grants Program

About the Community Grants Program

The City of Rockingham operates a Community Grants Program to consider all requests for funding, donations, sponsorships and grants.

The City is committed to supporting incorporated not-for-profit organisations/associations (community groups and clubs) to assist with the delivery of programs, projects and events that benefit the Rockingham community.

Council Policy Objective: To provide financial assistance to community groups and individuals that will build capacity within the community, stimulate volunteering and youth development, and deliver sustainable, accessible and demonstrated social, environmental and economic benefits.

The Community Grants Program consists of the following grant categories:

Grant Type Funding Area Amount Available Size When to Apply
Minor Grant Travel Subsidy Grant Between $150-$500 PDF
190 kb
At least two weeks prior to travel date.
  Youth Encouragement Grant Up to $500 PDF
150 kb
At least four weeks prior to program or event.
  General Grant Guidelines Up to $3000 PDF
129 kb
At least 30 working days prior to project/ activity or event.
  General Grant Application Up to $3000 Word
1.5 MB
At least 30 working days prior to project/activity or event.
Major Grant Major Grant Guidelines Up to $10,000 PDF
83 kb
  Major Grant Application Up to $10,000 Word
1.5 MB
Open all year round, assessed over three funding rounds.
Major Event Sponsorship Major Event Sponsorship Guidelines Up to $20,000 per annum for up to three years. PDF
87 kb
  Major Event Sponsorship Application Up to $20,000 per annum for up to three years. Word
1.5 kb
Open all year round, assessed over three funding rounds.
City Infrastructure Grants Infrastructure Planning and Development Guidelines Up to 50%of project cost not exceeding $30,000 PDF
349 kb
  Infrastructure Planning and Development Grant Application Up to 50%of project cost not exceeding $30,000 Word
160 kb
Open all year round.
  Leased Property Grants: Application Package Up to $10,000 PDF
206 kb
Open all year round
  Leased Property Grants: Rates Subsidy Equal to rates levy  ( *Not including rubbish removal or emergency services levy)   N/A
Policy Community Grants Policy   PDF 89 kb  

Submissions are invited from eligible applicants for Major Grants, Major Event Sponsorship Grants, and City Infrastructure Planning and Development Grants.   The current funding round closes at 4.30pm on Friday 5 May 2017 for programs/events commencing after July 2017.

Applications can be submitted at any time, however are only assessed three times per financial year.

Round Closing Date Outcomes
One 5 May 2017 End July 2017
Two 4  August 2017 End of October 2017
Three 24 November 2017 End of February 2018

All other grants types do not attract a closing date and are open at all times.

Please refer to the Community Grants Program Policy and relevant guidelines for full details.

For further information contact Community Development Officer on 9528 0399 or email

Successful Applicant Information

If you are successful with your grant application please see the relevant documents below.

Title Type Size and format
Logo Guidelines Guidelines PDF 1.2 MB
Banner Booking Form Form PDF 100 kb
Purchasing and Procurement Policy Policy PDF 116 kb
Economic Development Strategy Strategy PDF 2.2 MB
Acquittal and Evaluation Form PDF 119kb

For a copy of the City of Rockingham logo please contact our Strategy and Corporate Communications team on

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