Short Films

Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Rockingham - Short Film Project

This category is open to local secondary schools. Students work in groups of approximately 10 to produce a 30-second short film on how they Act, Belong and Commit in Rockingham. The finished short films will be on display during the PhotoVoice Exhibition and shown at the Awards Night in October.
PhotoVoice encourages people in the Rockingham community to explore, through the artistic medium of digital photography, ways that they and others act, belong and commit in their everyday lives to keep happy and mentally healthy. It celebrates community involvement, young people and staying mentally healthy through arts activities.

The 2017 final short films can be entered into the competition online through WooBox via YouTube and will be shared on the City of Rockingham YouTube account.

Entries for the 2016 competition  can be viewed below.

2016 Short Film Entrants

Act, Belong and Commit in Rockingham
Team #3 (Rockingham Senior High School)
This short film is about how to make the most of your time at school. Making great friends who support you, encourage you and walk with you through life's ups and downs.

Act, Belong, Commit with Music
Year 10 Digital Media (South Coast Baptist College)
Act on your talents, Belong to a group of musicians, Commit to practising.

And the Wheels Go Around
Hatchett Productions (Safety Bay Senior High School)
A young girl cycles to her safe place to escape her troubled household. The girl reluctantly accepts that she belongs to a broken family. However with the commitment of her brother, she makes it through the day.

Zeffrey's Basketball Team (Safety Bay Senior High School)
Learn to play basketball, play with other people to get better. Act = By playing, Belong = Always play with others, Commit = Play with a team.

Meaning of Dance
Team Vision (Safety Bay Senior High School)
This film describes and shows the dedication and hard work it takes to dance and what the end product could be if you put in the effort.

What Does Act-Belong-Commit Mean? - 2016 Winner
TAGE Production (Safety Bay Senior High School)
Act-Belong-Commit, those words have different descriptions of what they mean and what they are. Playing football, going places, meeting people and having fun is all about ABC and we wanted to show everyone all the things they can do to live better.

Zen Do Kai
Team Zen Do Kai (Safety Bay Senior High School)
I chose Zen Do Kai because it feels like the people there are family and it is so fun. Zen Do Kai is my life, I will never give it up.