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PhotoVoice categories

All images should be taken under the Act-Belong-Commit theme.

Each entrant is permitted to submit a maximum of three photos into the competition.

Photographic styles

There are two photographic styles that you can enter photos under:

  1. Non-Modified Works means simple modification only (the equivalent to what you could do on a machine at a photo shop, or can be done within the program of Google Photos (for Windows computers) or iPhoto (for Apple Mac Computers) - i.e. no layers, only cropping, straightening, brightening, black and white, sepia etc.
  2. Modified Works can be extensively modified using computer software - Adobe PhotoShop Elements for example.Man sitting on a swing that appears to be suspended by clouds

Important note: Not all your images need to be entered under the same style - i.e. you can have one non-modified and two modified or any combination up to three photos maximum.

Age categories

Under each style there are:

a. Four age categories for the community competition:

i) 12 years and under
ii) 13 -17 years
iii) 18 - 59 years (adult) 
​iv) 60 years and over (seniors)

b. And a Student Workshop and Student Workshop - Abilities category for school and Education Support Centre students who participated in the digital photography workshops.

Please decide which style your photo will go under (either non-modified or modified) and then include your age category OR the student workshop category with each image you submit.

​An overall prize will be awarded this year for the photograph that best displays the theme 'Standing Strong Together,' applying the Act-Belong-Commit message in Aboriginal culture.
Three additional prizes for an overall 'Act', 'Belong' and 'Commit' themed entry will also be awarded.