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PhotoVoice categories

All images should be taken under the Act-Belong-Commit theme.

Each entrant is permitted to submit a maximum of three photos into the competition.

Photographic styles

There are two photographic styles that you can enter photos under:

  1. Non-Modified Works means simple modification only (the equivalent to what you could do on a machine at a photo shop, or can be done within the program of Google Photos (for Windows computers) or iPhoto (for Apple Mac Computers) - i.e. no layers, only cropping, straightening, brightening, black and white, sepia etc.
  2. Modified Works can be extensively modified using computer software - Adobe PhotoShop Elements for example.

Important note: Not all your images need to be entered under the same style - i.e. you can have one non-modified and two modified or any combination up to three photos maximum.

Age categories

Under each style there are:

a. Three age categories for the community competition:

i) 12 years and under
ii) 13 -17 years
iii) 18 years and over

b. And a ‘Student Workshop’ and 'Student Workshop - Abilities' category for school and Education Support Centre students who participated in the digital photography workshops.

Please decide which style your photo will go under (either non-modified or modified) and then include your age category OR the student workshop category with each image you submit.

Three additional prizes for an overall 'Act', 'Belong' and 'Commit' themed entry will also be awarded this year.