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Castaways Poetry Competition

2017 Winners 

Congratulations to the 2017 Castaways Poetry Competition winners.

First Prize: 'China Birds' by Janeen Samuel
Second Prize: ‘Your hometown is better than Vanuatu and less expensive’ by James Hughes
Third Prize: ‘Stranded’by Claire van Donkelaar

The 2017 Castaways Poetry Competition attracted 109 entries from local, national and international poets.

Congratulations to all participants and we hope you will enter the Castaways Poetry Competition again in the future.
Photo of two China birds on lawn

China Birds by Janeen Samuel

I have laid
two china birds upon your grave
  –  cold, motionless and silent,
       too heavy to fly  – 
remembering how you loved
in summer, the white corellas when they rose
in happy clouds of tumult
racketing round the sky,
flicking the sunlight off their wings
in quick-forgotten heartbeats,
shouting their wild cry.
Now, too heavy to fly,
cold, motionless and silent,
I have laid
upon your grave
two china birds.