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Castaways Poetry Competition

Castaways Poetry Competition Winner 

Congratulations to the 2017 Castaways Poetry Competition Winners.

First Prize: 'China Birds' by Janeen Samuel
Second Prize: ‘Your hometown is better than Vanuatu and less expensive’ by James Hughes
Third Prize: ‘Stranded’by Claire van Donkelaar

This year’s Castaways Poetry Competition saw 109 entrants submit poetry submissions from state-wide and international participants.

Congratulations to all participants and we hope you will enter the 2017 Castaways Poetry Competition again in 2018.Janeen Samuel,  ‘China Birds’

China Birds by Janeen Samuel

I have laid
two china birds upon your grave
  –  cold, motionless and silent,
       too heavy to fly  – 
remembering how you loved
in summer, the white corellas when they rose
in happy clouds of tumult
racketing round the sky,
flicking the sunlight off their wings
in quick-forgotten heartbeats,
shouting their wild cry.
Now, too heavy to fly,
cold, motionless and silent,
I have laid
upon your grave
two china birds.