Castaways Poetry Competition

Castaways Poetry Competition Winner 2016

The 2016 Castaways Poetry Competition offered an opportunity for people with a literary talent to be involved in Castaways.‘Blow Your Troubles Away’ by Carol Clitheroe

Congratulations to Ashleigh Mounser, whose poem ‘The Man in the Moon’ has been awarded 1st prize in the 2016 Castaways Poetry Prize. Ashleigh’s poem was based upon 2015 Castaways sculpture ‘Ready to Fly’ by Yuko Takahashi and ‘Blow Your Troubles Away’ by Carol Clitheroe.

Over 90 entries were received from across Australia, as well as Canada and India, helping to spread the City of Rockingham’s message of reuse, recycling, and sustainability, to a global audience.

Complete list of winners:
1st Prize
‘Man in the Moon’, Ashleigh Mounser (NSW)

2nd Prize
‘So Long, Captives’, Alicia Bakewell (WA)

‘Remission’, Roger Vickery (NSW)‘Ready to Fly’ by Yuko Takahashi

Man in the Moon

Ashleigh Mounser

Last night I dreamt the man in the moon  
planted a dandelion inside my lungs.  
I dreamt he pulled back my hair and opened the blinds.  
He let the sunlight in so the little seed would sprout,  
and he said, Tell me about the boy with the sheep’s wool hair,  
who drew constellations on origami palms.   
Tell me how you swam in milk and honey for years,  
and still caught his scent in places he’d never been.   

I told the man in the moon,  
that he ate dinner at midnight.  
He smirked, but never smiled,  
and he laughed with every crease and pore and artery.  
One night, under a liquor hum he told me,  
I am too much in love with being young to grow old,  
and too in love with living to die young.  
This is the great tragedy of living, he said,  
and then he kissed me as if it didn’t really matter.  
I took that origami palm, folded along the lines  
until it was a stuttering crane.

I said to the man in the moon, I never loved that boy.
I said, I bury him in an unmarked grave in every beautiful place I visit.
I said, I’ve forgotten his name and his face.
I no longer count his eyelashes before going to sleep.  
I have decided not to want him anymore.

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