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Current Workshops

Encaustic Collage – Presented by Helen Coleman

This workshop is full.


11 Kent Street

Sunday –1 October
9.30am to 1.30pm
Registrations Open – 4 SeptemberEncaustic Collage – Presented by Helen Coleman

Discover how the ancient art of encaustic can be combined with modern collage techniques in the workshop.  You will learn how to create multiple layers of imagery in translucent beeswax and take home a series of small encaustic panels.

About the Facilitator
Helen is a Mandurah based encaustic/mixed media artist.  She is inspired by the beauty hidden in old, worn and discarded objects, working from a belief that nothing is ordinary.  Winner of the 2015 Emerging category at the City of Rockingham Art Awards, she now enjoys sharing her passion for encaustic art with others.

Mixed Media Workshop – Presented by Vanessa Liebenberg

This workshop is full.

Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent Street

Wednesday –4, 11, 18 OctoberMixed Media Workshop – Presented by Vanessa Liebenberg
10.30am to 1pm
Registrations Open – 4 September

Learn how to use layers to create an artwork using mixed media such as ink, calligraphy pens and oils.  With hands on tuition you will learn how to translate flowers, birds, plants and patterns onto canvas.  This workshop series is suitable for beginners.  Participants must be available for all workshop dates.

About the Facilitator
Vanessa Liebenberg is a local artist residing in Rockingham.  Her background in textiles can been seen in the layering and patterning with nature playing a huge part in her work.  Her public art can be seen at Skottowe Park in Parmelia.

The Big Draw! School Holiday Program – Presented by Claire Davenhall

11 Kent Street
4 – 8 October
10am to 12.30pm
Registrations Open – 4 September
This year’s Big Draw Festival; “Living Lines” is designed to get your marks moving!  Over the course of 4 days you will learn a progressive range of drawing techniques from continuous drawing, contour lines, organic and linear lines to create an animated installation in the gallery, just wait to see what we have up our sleeves! 

Workshops will be held at the Rockingham Arts Centre and the Rockingham Central Library with an exhibition of works created displayed at the Rockingham Central Library from Monday 9 October to Saturday 14 October.

About the FacilitatorThe Big Draw

Claire Davenhall is a lecturer in Fine Art and exhibits throughout Australia and internationally.  She works as a facilitator in many schools across Perth and is passionate about her work.


Ages 12 to 17 years

Wednesday 4 October 2017 - 10am to 12.30pm
Bringing the Dead to Life – Draw from a range of special exhibits from Academy of Taxidermy – Museum of Natural History and create your own flip/concertina book from your chosen specimens.  These will be displayed on the walls of the gallery.  Presented by Claire Davenhall.

Thursday 5 October 2017 - 10am to 12.30pm
The Social Butterfly – Create a community hanging installation, symbolising 'the butterfly effect' in the front window of the gallery, watch your creations work together to cast shadows on the walls and floor in a subtle interplay of flight!  Presented by Claire Davenhall.

Friday 6 October – 10am to 12.30pm
Spinning Zoetropes - Create the illusion of motion with spinning Zoetropes, watch through special slots and bring you drawings to life this these amazing machines! Your interactive Zoetrops will be displayed in Gallery on plinths for the public to enjoy.  Presented by Claire Davenhall.

Saturday 7 October – 10am to 3pm
Wrapping up the Gallery - Using her mural as inspiration, work together on an outdoor temporary ephemeral installation to extend the living lines of the Mural into the gallery space for the opening night on Saturday!  Presented by Jacq Chorlton.  Participants will be required to bring their own lunch.


Ages 7 to 12 Years

Wednesday 4 October 2017 - 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm
Saturday 7 October - 10am to 12pm

Get Your Art Spinning at the Library - Make your drawings fly through the air with this amazing spinning sculpture. Attach you work to cover the giant two-metre high frame which will be the centre piece of the Exhibition for the opening night of LIVING LINES.  Presented by Sheryl Chant.

Mono Printing Using Gelli Plates – Presented by Lily Tupper

Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent StreetMono Printing Using Gelli Plates – Presented by Lily Tupper

Saturday –14 October
1pm to 3pm
Registrations Open –11 September

Mono printing with a gelli plate is an exciting and fascinating way of printing without using a press.  Learn how to make your own plate, what papers and paints you can using plus techniques for making “one-off” fabulous art works.

About the Facilitator

Lily Tupper is a retired children’s art and craft teacher with over 50 years’ experience.  She has a lifetime of playing and experimenting with different mediums which she enjoys sharing with the community.

Design and Make a T Shirt Quilt – Presented by Jessie Ford

Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent StreetDesign and Make a T Shirt Quilt – Presented by Jessie Ford

Monday – 16, 23, 30 October; 6, 13, 20, 27 November; 4 December
7pm to 9pm
Registrations Open –18 September

Do you have a collection of favourite T shirts that don’t fit but you can’t bear to throw them away?  With Jessie’s help you can now save your favourite T Shirt memories and turn them into a fantastic quilt in this 8 week workshop series.  Attendees are required to have a serviced, working sewing machine and must be available for all workshop dates.

About the Facilitator

Jessie Ford has turned the quilting rules on their head.  She cuts and sews with the speed of a ninja, has fun doing it and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Art Therapy to Manage Stress and Anxiety – Presented by Simon Miskin

Rockingham Arts CentreArt Therapy
11 Kent Street

Sunday –22, 29 October
9am to 3pm
Registrations Open –25 September

Would you like to decrease stress and invite more calm into your life?  Art therapy can help; learn ways to use art to manage stress, decrease anxiety and promote relaxation in this two part workshop series.  Participants must be available for all workshop dates.

About the Facilitator

Simon Miskin is a life coach, artist and heads the Art Department at a local school.  He holds a degree in fine art and also a diploma in coaching and stress management.  As part of his coaching diploma Simon studied and applied Art Therapy to his practice and is passionate about creative arts for mental health.

Recycled Jewellery from Aluminium Cans – Presented by Joan Johnson

Rockingham Arts CentreRecycled Jewellery from Aluminium Cans – Presented by Joan Johnson
11 Kent Street

Thursday –26 October
9am to 1pm
Registrations Open –25 September

Make jewellery from a drink can? Yes you can!  Recycle your rubbish into something beautiful.  Make your unique style of jewellery using the discs from the base of the can and turn them into earrings, pendants or brooches with cut-outs or engraving.

About the Facilitator

Joan Johnson is an art facilitator and TAFE lecturer who has many academic art qualifications including Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (Art Therapy).  She has been a participant in Castaways in Rockingham since 2008 and has held several exhibitions.

Sculpture Photography - Presented by Kingsley Klau

Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent Street
Sculpture Photography - Presented by Kingsley Klau
Monday – 30 October
5pm to 8pm
Registrations Open – 2 October

Kingsley will take artists through the process of photographing outdoor sculptures as part of the City of Rockingham’s Castaways Sculpture Competition. 

About the Facilitator

Kingsley has been a professional photographer since 2004 and works from home as a photographer, teacher and mentor.


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Past Workshops

Examples of the types of workshops held at the Rockingham Arts Centre over the past year:

September 2017

Finding Your Creative Voice on Social Media – Presented by Amanda Viviers

Participants will learn about iPhone hacks for taking online photographs, editing tips for graphic design plus writing exercises to find your own voice on social media.


Paint Pouring – Presented by Jacelyn Peach

Participants learnt various techniques to show the different effects that can be achieved.

Traditional Persian Geometrical Drawing – Presented by Shokoofeh Azar

Participants learnt to draw 3 to 5 traditional Persian geometrical designs plus traditional Persian gold leafing in this three part workshop series.

Natural Dyeing Workshop – Presented by Phoebe Clarke and Tessa Beale

Participants used local Australian flora to experiment and produce unique textile works.

August 2017

Make Your Own Hard-Cover Stitch-Bound Book – Presented by Joan Johnson
Participants learnt the craft of making their own unique stitch-bound book which can be used for a diary, note book or even a photo album. 

Puppet Making – Presented by Iona McAuley
Participants created their own character hand puppet from fabric and foam. Theatre designer Iona McAuley guided participants through the puppet making process with information on pattern making, tools, adhesives and techniques for creating a puppet’s character and movable joints. 

Workshop Your Workshop – Presented by Andrew O’Connell
Participants found out exactly what is needed to make a workshop as effective as possible.

Get to Know Your Overlocker – Presented by Samantha Carson
Participants learnt the tips and tricks to thread, tension, roll hem and create beautiful ruffles the easy way.


Experimental Drawing – Presented by Tich Dixon
Participants broadened their boundaries and added new methodologies to their creative toolbox. 

The Art of Mosaic by Louise Nielsen 
Participants were able to choose a design and make a creation to take home.

July 2017

20/20 Vision (Visual Artists Getting Clear. Getting help. Getting out there)

Paula Silbert, renowned arts consultant, curator and media personality will guide you through a game-changing workshop to help you on your way. Artists will explore the real challenges and provide a map for positive change.


Taking and Managing Photos for Art - Presented by Kingsley Klau
Kingsley took artists through the process of photographing their art and managing the photographs for their own portfolios and presentations.


Art Explosion- School Holiday Program
This new and exciting free July school holiday art program was be held at the Rockingham Arts Centre featuring workshops from an array of art topics.

Writing for Solo Performance by Finn O’Branagáin and Scott Sandwich
Finn O’Branagáin and Scott Sandwich took participants through the creative process from writing a piece to a stage-ready presentation. 

June 2017

Abstracts using Resins, Shellac and Oxides with Tich Dixon
Participants had the opportunity to experiment with alternative materials and push the boundaries to observe unexpected effects, and gain an appreciation of oxides and resins as another technique to add to their creative tool box.

Paper Art with Painting with Rashmi Subodika
Participants developed a new art method of paper quelling techniques using special tools such as paper quelling slot, pins, wood boards, and a special quelling comb.


May 2017

Ninja Patchwork and Quilting with Jessie Ford  

Participants learnt the skills required for this practical and popular art form, including sewing machine knowledge, patchwork design, sewing terminology, and binding the finished quilt.

April 2017

Elements of Design with Barb Green

This workshop series will helped participants recognise and interpret the simple things in life.  Participants assisted in simplifying drawing and painting style to create modern contemporary artwork that added a new dimension of colour and style.

Paint Pouring with Jackie Peach

This workshop suited any level of painter, from beginners to accomplished artists.  Attendees had three paintings well under way by the end of the workshops.

March 2017

Art and Yoga with Simon Miskin and Simone Williamson

Participants created a whole suite of fun and intuitive drawings in their visual art diary and concluded with a colourful final expressive mixed media artwork.

February 2017

Persian Patterns with Shokoofeh

In this workshop series Shokoofeh taught designers, artists and illustrators traditional Persian painting and illustration techniques, and how these ancient approaches can be used in a contemporary creative context.

Papercutting with Tusif Ahmad

Participants learnt the simple yet sophisticated skill of paper cutting, based on the principle of positive and negative space in visual art, and how it functions to create an image. 

Encaustic Collage with Helen Coleman

Participants discovered how the ancient art of encaustic can be combined with modern collage techniques in this encaustic collage workshop with Helen Coleman.

January 2017

Introduction to Pyrography with Dallas Pegrum

Participants learnt a brief history of pyrography, safety aspects, choice of wood, basic techniques, line, texture and shading, methods of design transfer, some decorative techniques, and completed their own piece.

Collage and Mixed Media Painting with Amanda Harris

Participants learnt to create a collage/mixed media painting using a wide variety of old and new papers, gold leaf, small found objects such as buttons and lace, and acrylic paint.
Calligraphic Art with Marion Caunt

Participants learnt to create beautiful italic lettering for their personal projects and explored its flexibility through colour, texture and contrast. 

December 2016

Zendoodles with Lesley Jeffreys

Participants learnt Zendoodles, a simple type of free flowing design that everyone can learn to do. Once participants learnt how to do them, they were induced in a state of 'flow'. This term, also known as 'the zone', comes from Positive Psychology and is a mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Introduction to Digital Photography with Kingsley Klau

Participants learnt aspects of their cameras to improve and give confidence in gaining great photos. They learnt how to compose scenery and 'people' photos to the best effect. Topics covered included: settings, modes, composition, post-processing and file management.

Face Painting for Beginners with Jasmine Mary-Anne

These workshops were  a fun, relaxing and educational way to learn the basic techniques of face painting. Jasmine, owner of Little Fairy Face Painting, instructed attendees on the creative art of face painting. The workshops were suitable for adults and teens wanting to try something new or brush up on skills.

November 2016

Ten Abstract Techniques with Shokoofeh Azar

Participants learnt the very basics of abstract techniques: colour wheel, preparation of canvas and paper, identification of materials and tools, textured painting, making texture with painting knife and brush, geometric painting, drip painting, making your own textures, making texture with gold and silver leaf, layering, impasto painting, mix media and more.


Mobile Phone Photography with Kingsley Klau
During this course participants with mobile devices (either Apple iPhone or an Android device) learnt how to get the best out of it photographically, and to explore the broad capabilities of these devices, plus the best apps to use.  They looked at other aspects of how to not only take images more effectively, but what they could do with them. The future of mobile device photography is bright and more exciting apps and equipment are being released each year.

Exquisite Corpse with Tich Dixon
Exquisite Corpse is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each participant added to a composition in a sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed. 

October 2016

Alternative Print Techniques with Tich Dixon
Participants explored alternative methods for printing images onto a support. They experimented with binder mediums and other materials including paint, coloured pencils, and collage to create individual designs.

The BIG Draw with Claire Davenhall
The BIG Draw – the world’s biggest drawing festival.
Participating youth attended a five-day workshop and were part of a large scale community drawing installation, resulting in a three-week exhibition at the Rockingham Central Library.  Participants learnt a progressive range of drawing skills including tonal drawing in charcoal and conte, colour with chalk pastels, and drawing inks.

Learning the art of Mosaic with Louise Nielsen
A fun, relaxed workshop, exploring design, colour and mosaic techniques.

“Pyjama Party” – basic garment construction course with Liz FordLiz Ford

Have you always wanted to make clothes but are a little unsure about where to start?  In this class series Liz lead participants through all the skills needed to read and understand pattern terminology;  work out how much fabric to buy; cut fabric;  and construct a pair of pyjamas.


  • Pouring Techniques with Jackie Peach
  • Ten Abstract Techniques with Shokoofeh Azar
  • Introduction to Digital Photography with Kingsley Klau
  • Cartooning Workshop for Kids and Adults with Veronica Rooke
  • Lino Prints and Printmaking Workshop with Tich Dixon
  • Structured Patterns Workshop with Lesley Jeffreys
  • How to Develop Recycled Sculpture with Tich Dixon
  • Thread Play’ with Liz Ford
  • How to Develop a Maquette with Tich Dixon
  • Poetry Slam with Kate Wilson


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