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Current Workshops

To register please call the Rockingham Arts Centre on 9527 0734 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday or email

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Please note: Participants are required to pay a materials charge on registration. Registrations and credit card payments can be made by calling the Rockingham Arts Centre on 9527 0734 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. No registrations will be accepted after the closing date.

August 2018 Workshop

Designing with Gouache – Presented by Barb Green

Image of Gouache artworkRockingham Arts Centre
​11 Kent Street

Mondays – August 13, 20, 27
6pm to 8pm

Please note this workshop is now full.

Design involves taking the complex and making it simple. This series of workshops will take the participants through a range of design techniques that will result in the production of a number of attractive and colourful artworks.

About the Facilitator:

Barb Green grew up in the back suburbs of Fremantle in the 1960s and 70s. She has painted and created all her life. Her work is design and colour focused, inspired by her love of the coast and sea. Barb has a professional background in education.

September Workshops

Screen Printing – Presented by Vanessa LiebenbergImage of screen printing that will be taught at the workshop

Rockingham Arts Centre
​11 Kent Street

Wednesdays – September 5, 12, 19
9.30am to 1pm

Please note this workshop is now full.

A fun, creative screen printing workshop where you will design and create stencils to use for screen printing. This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn to apply screen printed images to fabric or t-shirts of your choice, layering the images to create an interesting finished product. Each participant will receive their own screen printing kit, which will include a screen, squeegee, ink and stencil paper to use and to take home. For beginners or intermediate.

About the Facilitator

Vanessa Liebenberg is artist and textile designer living and working in Rockingham. Her art style stems from her interior woven textile design background, which can be seen in the layering of her work. Her love of beautiful textiles has inspired her to experiment with a mix of screen printing, drawing, painting and a pyrography technique. Vanessa is truly captivated by colour and she often starts a painting by selecting the colour palette first and then the detail follows. Nature plays a huge role in her work.

Ice Resin Bezel Jewellery – Presented by Amanda Harris

Image of Ice Resin Bezel Jewellery that will be made at the workshopRockingham Arts Centre
​11 Kent Street

Sundays – September 2, 9, 16
12pm to 3pm
Registrations close Monday 27 August
Participant materials cost payable on registration:  $20


Learn how to create unique jewellery by capturing small items like, buttons, seeds, leaves, small objects and even miniature paintings in ice resin. This resin sets like glass and is contained in a bezel, like a small dish, that is hung from a chain. Ready to wear.

About the Facilitator:

Amanda is a Western Australian artist who works in the medium of collage and mixed media acrylic painting.  She also works in ceramics and creates sculpture and produces a tableware range.  Amanda teaches at the Gifted and Talented Programs in high schools and art colleges.  She also teaches adults at various workshops and classes.

To register please call the Rockingham Arts Centre on 9527 0734 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday or email  

Community Professional Development Workshops

New workshops are coming soon.

Past Workshops

Examples of the types of workshops recently held at the Rockingham Arts Centre:

August 2018

Synthetic Cubism​ - Presented by Tich Dixon
Participants learnt about the techniques of Picasso, the father of Cubism.

July 2018

Frida Kahlo - Presented by Simon Miskin
Participants learnt about Frida Kahlo, the most famous female artist of all time – her life, her work and art therapy process.

Lino Stamp Making and Fabric Printing - Presented by Hanae Meyer
Participants designed and carved a simple lino stamp and printed their design onto a calico bag.

Papercutting – Presented by Tusif Ahmed
Participants designed and created their own papercutting masterpiece.

​June 2018

Punch Needle Embroidery - Presented by Hanae Meyer
Participants learnt how to create a modern, abstract wall piece using punch-needle embroidery.

Re-Create Your Jewellery - Presented by Amanda Harris
In this workshop participants learnt to re-create, re-work and re-purpose old, broken and discarded costume jewellery into amazing, unique pieces ready to wear.

Alternative Print Techniques - Presented by Tich Dixon
Participants learnt how to transfer images of drawings and photos on to paper and wood, incorporated with mixed media collage and other multi medium art work to create unique personal keepsakes.

Paper Cloth - Presented by Lily Tupper
In this two-week workshop participants created their own paper cloth using colourful paper, muslin and glue, and then used the cloth to cover a book or canvas.

Installing 2D Artworks - Presented by Art on the Move 
This workshop provided participants with the knowledge of hanging techniques for 2D artworks, the principles for handling and installing artworks, and how to acquire a variety of skill around hanging and become aware of preventative conservation methodologies when working with art.

May 2018

Abstracts Using Resins - Presented by Tich Dixon 
Participants experimented with alternative materials and pushed the boundaries to observe unexpected effects and gained an appreciation of oxides and resins as another technique to add to their creative tool box.

Bead and Wirework Necklace - Presented by Amanda Harris
Participants learnt how to create a beautiful beaded necklace joined together by gold, silver and coloured wirework. They also learnt a wire technique to create a unique necklace complete with clasp ready to wear home.

Flowers Up Close - Presented by Verena Marmion 
Participants created a stunning ‘close up’ mixed media image of a real flower inspired by ‘the mother of American Abstract Art’ from the 1920s, Georgia O’Keefe. 

Random Weave Basketry - Presented by Helen Coleman
In this fun, hands-on workshop participants learnt how to make beautiful baskets from locally sourced, natural materials, using a random weave technique.  

Costume Making from A to Z – Presented by Samantha Carson
This was an eight-week course, where participants learnt how to design and create stretch fabric performance costumes suitable for dance, gymnastics, ice-skating and other performance arts.

Wood Block Printing – Presented by Barb Green 
Wood block printing has been used for centuries as a means of creating multiple editions of an image or words. In this five-week workshop series, participants learnt to produce an attractive wood block print of their own design using block ink and other mediums.

​Marketing Your Creative Business – Presented by Amanda Viviers
Participants learnt about marketing their small creative business with a system and plan for press releases, an overview of productivity tips for social media, and the development of a social media plan for their business.