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Art and culture

Rockingham Arts Centre

Find out about what the Rockingham Arts Centre has to offer.

Art galleries and museums

Find out about art galleries and museums in the City of Rockingham.

Art workshops

Find out about upcoming art workshops in the City of Rockingham.

Exhibitions and events

Find out about upcoming exhibitions supported by the City of Rockingham.

City of Rockingham Art Awards

Find out more information about the City's 2019 Art Awards competition and exhibition.

Writing and Literature

Find out about writing and literature workshops and programs.

Castaways Sculpture Awards

Find out about the Castaways Sculpture Awards, including past winners.

PhotoVoice amateur photography competition

Find out about the PhotoVoice photography competition, including past winners.

Public art

View the City of Rockingham public art gallery.

Artists and writers network

Register with the City of Rockingham's Artists and Writers Network.