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Executive team and organisational structure

Andrew Hammond

Chief Executive Officer

  • General Management Services
  • Governance and Councillor Support
  • Economic Development
  • Strategy Coordination
  • Human Resource Development
Andrew Hammond

Bob Jeans

Director Planning and Development Services

  • Strategic Planning and Environment
  • Statutory Planning
  • Building Services
  • Health Services
  • Rangers Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Rockingham City Centre Developments
Bob Jeans

John Pearson

Director Corporate Services

  • Financial Services
  • Customer and Corporate Support
  • Information Systems
  • Waste and Landfill Services
  • Facility Leasing
John Pearson

Michael Holland

Director Community Development

  • Community Infrastructure Planning
  • Community Support and Safety Services
  • Library and Information Services
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Community and Leisure Facilities
Michael Holland

Sam Assaad

Director Engineering and Parks Services

  • Parks Development and Parks Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Projects
  • Engineering Operations and Engineering Services
Picture of Sam Assaad

Peter Doherty

Director Legal Services and General Counsel

  • Strategic and Operational Legal Advice
  • Oversight of Statutory Compliance
  • Litigation and Tribunal Management
  • Legal Training and Capacity Building
Peter Doherty