Annual reports and registers

Annual Reports

Title Type Size and format
Annual Report 2015/2016 Publication PDF 5 MB
Annual Report 2014/2015 Publication PDF 4 MB
Annual Report 2013/2014 Publication PDF 3.2 MB
Annual Report 2012/2013 Publication PDF 7.9 MB
Annual Report 2011/2012 Publication PDF 9.8 MB
Annual Report 2011/2012 Financials Publication PDF 2.3 MB
Annual Report 2010/2011 Publication PDF 9.6 MB
Annual Report 2009/2010 Publication PDF 1.8 MB

Register of Gifts and Contributions to Travel

As per section 5.89(A)(5) of the Local Government Act 1995, the CEO is to publish the Register of Gifts and Contributions to Travel on the local government’s website.

This register contains disclosures of gifts worth more than $200 made by a relevant person, which includes designated persons and Councillors. It also contains disclosures of contributions to travel made by a relevant person. For more information about gifts and contributions to travel visit the Department of Local Government and Communities website.

Title Type Format and Size
Register of Gifts and Contributions To Travel 1 July 2015 Onwards Publication PDF 41 kb

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